About us

Our company emerged in the garment industry in 1988. The line offers trendy, exclusive styles from around the globe to your home through innovation and motivation Check out our collection. The SMASH collection represents an edgy look that captures the excitement of youth and style. SMASH continues to represent the success of the line, offering a distinct variety of characteristics, such as fit, comfort and intricate details, yet modern flash have established its reputation. The excitement of the SMASH ready-to-wear stems from an innovative design of classic shapes, resulting in a casual look with tons of attitude. Applauded for it's loud, in your face bravado, SMASH only continues to grow and expand into the wardrobes of today's fashion forward trendsetters.

Smash Passion And Inspiration

The reason why we are unique in todays fashion market is relevance. So many companies come and go on this industry, trying to be copy cats, trying to make a living on something that they are not passionate about. Well Smash is passionate about the one thing, and that is fashion and you walking around the house feeling good, looking good and that other people are looking at you feeling the exact same way and thats how I can describe our uniqueness.

The vision is of our design team, and they really got a lot of their inspiration from Europe and he took a little splash of Europe, took a little splash of the United States and we put it all together in a line that makes sense with our monochromatic or color on color embroidery not too much embellishment just enough to suit the soul and the pocket.

Our signature style is European influenced but with an American touch, so what we do is we infuse the two together with some embellishments, some great tone on tone embroidery, use of fabrics, cut and color and we put it all together as a line. We are also an accessory driven line, we have bags, we have man bags great different styles and we have hats and we have jewelry, so we are an all encompassing company offering the public something special for their wardrobe.